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Cash Home Buyers in Cincinnati, OH
Cash Home Buyers in Cincinnati, OH

Meet Shannon and Josie: Your Cincinnati Cash Home Buyers

We are ASAP Properties, your local cash home buyers in Cincinnati, Ohio. At the foundation of our family-oriented team are Shannon and Josie Feick, the passionate co-owners who started this journey in 2010. They’re not just business owners; they’re visionaries dedicated to transforming the way people sell their houses in Cincinnati.
Shannon’s love for building and real estate ignited at a young age, watching his father skillfully renovate their house. This early exposure steered him towards a career in construction management, where he worked with top construction companies across Ohio. His real estate journey began with the purchase of his first investment property at 21, a milestone that firmly rooted his passion in the housing market.
Josie, alongside Shannon, found a shared purpose during a challenging recession period. They turned adversity into opportunity, making property investment their full-time endeavor. Together, they established ASAP Properties, a platform to employ their collective knowledge and creativity in helping homeowners facing real estate challenges in Cincinnati.

Our Exclusive Triple-10 Service

At ASAP Properties, we understand the diverse needs of Cincinnati homeowners in today’s real estate market. Our expertise extends beyond quick sales; we specialize in handling a variety of property types, from pristine homes to fixer-uppers. Our Triple-10 Service reflects our adaptability. The 10-Minute Walkthrough is just the beginning, where we assess properties of all conditions, ensuring we can make a fair, all-cash offer within 24 hours. Each property has its story, and we’re here to provide a tailored solution, whether it’s a quick sale for a move, settling an estate, or navigating financial challenges. This approach eliminates the common hassles of selling a house, like staging for open houses or dealing with numerous visitors.
Following the walkthrough, we present a clear, two-page purchase agreement for a 10-Minute Review. We believe in transparency and simplicity; the offer we make is straightforward, with no hidden terms or surprises. Finally, our 10-Minute Closing process is designed to be flexible, accommodating the seller’s convenience, with closings often completed within 1 to 2 weeks. We handle all closing costs, alleviating additional financial burdens from the seller.

A Lifetime of Real Estate

Shannon and Josie bring more than just business acumen to Cincinnati real estate; they bring a lifetime of real estate passion and a deep understanding of Cincinnati’s market. Their dedication is evidenced by their professional profiles and industry recognition. It’s a family affair too, with even their daughter Lexi showing early interest. This familial ethos resonates in every interaction, making selling your house with us a trustworthy and personally rewarding experience. Don’t just take our word for it; hear from our satisfied clients.
When it comes to making significant decisions like selling your house, you need a partner you can trust. We’ll guide you through every step of the selling process. Our approach is transparent and straightforward – we outline the exact steps, from initial consultation to closing, ensuring you’re informed and comfortable throughout the process of selling your house. We’re not just quick buyers; we’re full-service solution providers who understand the intricacies of the Cincinnati real estate market. Our commitment is to your peace of mind, offering support and advice tailored to your specific circumstances, be it urgent sales, financial complexities, or personal transitions.
We’re more than just homebuyers; we’re a family helping families in Cincinnati, committed to making your house selling process as seamless and positive as possible.

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Top Reasons To Sell Your House To Us In Cincinnati

“In my years of experience in Cincinnati’s real estate market, I’ve seen firsthand the unique challenges homeowners face, from foreclosure to complicated inheritance scenarios. We’ve developed innovative, compassionate approaches to address these specific needs. For instance, our Triple-10 Service is a tailored solution that has helped numerous Cincinnati homeowners easily navigate through the complexities of probate and divorce-related property sales, offering peace of mind in otherwise stressful situations.” -Shannon Feick
Quick and Fair Cash Offers

Quick and Fair Cash Offers in Cincinnati

When time matters, we're here to help! Whether you need to sell your house fast for urgent financial needs or personal situations, we can buy your house in just a couple weeks.

No Hassle, No Hidden Fees

No Realtors, No Hidden Fees in Cincinnati

Selling your house in Cincinnati shouldn't be a headache. We simplify the selling process with transparency and clarity every step of the way. With us, what you see is what you get.

Experts in Complex Situations

We Know Real Estate in Cincinnati, Ohio!

From handling properties in probate to navigating bankruptcy, our experience in Cincinnati's real estate market helps manage complex situations. We understand your unique challenges.

Personalized Approach

Personalized Approach to Selling Your House

Every Cincinnati homeowner's situation is unique. That's why we tailor our approach to meet your specific needs, ensuring you receive the attention and customized solution you deserve.

Skip the Traditional Selling Stress

Skip the Traditional Selling Stress

We've created a simple way to sell your house in Cincinnati and our approach has left sellers feeling satisfied. Read their stories on our site to hear the trust and relief they found in working with us.

Supporting Cincinnati Homeowners

Supporting Cincinnati Homeowners

Our commitment is to the Cincinnati community. We've helped a number of homeowners in the area find the right solutions during difficult times, and we're here to support you too.

Sell Your House Fast with Our Triple-10 Service

It all starts with a 10-Minute Walkthrough to receive an all-cash offer in as little as 24 hours, even for fixer-uppers. Skip the hassle of open houses, visits from multiple buyers and brokers, the home inspector, and the appraiser.
Next we’ll present you with an easy-to-understand two-page purchase agreement for a 10-Minute Review. Not the usual long and confusing legal document. The offer we make is the offer you see. So you can count on no changes and no surprises.
Last, it’s time for your 10-Minute Closing within 1 or 2 weeks, 90% of the time. We pay ALL closing costs. And you can close wherever you like – at the house, in your office, even at a restaurant. It’s your choice!


Sell your house to us and get an extra 6-9% in your pocket! No fees, no commissions, no closing costs.


We stand by our word and close on every accepted offer. We take pride in keeping our commitment to you.


Since 2010, we've established ourselves as one of the most experienced and reliable cash house buyers in Cincinnati.

Locally Owned

We're a local, family owned business based in Cincinnati and work within a 20-mile radius of the city.

Step 1

Request An Offer

Once you’re ready to sell, start the process by either filling out the cash offer form directly below or contacting Shannon and Josie at (513) 549-4145.
Step 2

10-Minute Tour

We’ll reach out to schedule a 10-Minute Tour of your property. Then we’ll have a conversation to discuss your options to sell and determine the best solution.
Step 3

Review Your Offer

You’ll get our easy-to-understand two-page offer agreement. Contact us if you have any questions or concerns about the cash offer and we’ll be happy to help.
Step 4

Get Paid!

If you accept our all-cash offer, we’ll finalize the details so you can sell your house and get paid. Choose to close whenever you prefer, as we work on your timeline.

Sell Your House in Cincinnati for Any Reason

We’re dedicated to providing real estate solutions to homeowners in Cincinnati, regardless of the reason to sell your house. As a company that buys houses, our goal is to help you sell your house fast.
Sell Your House in Ohio for Any Reason
Sell Your House in Ohio in Any Condition

Sell Your Cincinnati House in Any Condition

We stand by our commitment to buy your house in any condition. Whether your house requires significant repairs or has sustained damage, we buy houses as-is, without fuss.

Sell Your House in Cincinnati to Overcome Any Challenge

We’re here to help you when life’s unexpected events have you needing to sell your house fast in Cincinnati. We understand that sometimes things happen that catch us off guard and we are ready to help you navigate through this process in a timely manner.
Sell Your House to Overcome Any Challenge

We give Cincinnati homeowners more reasons to relax

We’ll handle all the details when you’re ready to sell your house. This includes expert help with the title, liens, lender, or probate. All our services are fast and free. There’s no obligation whatsoever. There’s also no financial or other risks. Sell your house fast without surprises.
You can sell your house fast or slow, on your schedule, in as little as two weeks or as long as two months – on your date, at your time, in your location. So you have time to find your new house or focus on other important things.
You’ll enjoy complete privacy. We never share your information or living situation. And there’s no traditional listing on the internet of the houses we buy.
We Give You More Reasons to Relax
Dealing with an estate? ASAP Properties can help!

Dealing with an estate in Cincinnati? We can help!

We welcome estate executors and placement agents for nursing homes in Cincinnati. We will buy your estate fast because we’re here to help you the ASAP way!